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Testimonials (Individual Results May Vary)

It’s Like Teaching a Man to Fish

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that you have this service. And I did tell a few friends after the fact (even with my mortification of the whole thing) because I wanted them to know if they were ever in a jam how awesome Lice Happens is. My friend was freaking out a few weeks ago and sent me a text (I almost never use my cell), and then ended up Googling and finding you. …Read More

Her daughter did have lice, and she was just so relieved to be able to call someone to help her out. After that I put your number up on my FB status line and I knew that people would just quietly take note and write the info down. But a few said, “How do you know about this?” And I said, “There’s a whole stigma that’s connected to lice, and it’s just wrong because anyone can get lice.” And I did tell them my daughter was sent home (and I have to confess, it was a little “easier” because she didn’t have it, but truly that’s not the point. The point is to get the info out there because you guys are lifesavers!).

I do think about Megan, and think, “God, if only she knew how awesome that 1 1/2 hours was that day she came.” It’s like teaching a man to fish and feeding him for a lifetime.

I wanted to send you a note at the time I used your service, and I just couldn’t get out what I wanted to say. But now living through the whole “lice scare” I am completely cognizant of how truly awesome it is that Lice Happens exists.

I even told our school nurse, and she provided a link to your Web site in the last e-mail that came home from the school — it’s a whole newsletter, but there was a portion about lice, and then a link to

Anyway, when you find something good in life, you either hoard it for yourself or you pass it on! I choose to pass it on!

You can use my whole name on your website. “No shame, no blame!”
Theresa Maschke

Grateful Your Company Exists

I just wanted to send an email to Megan and tell her it has been just over 1 month since you came to my home and rescued my girls! The girls were clean when Megan left and have been clean ever since. I learned so much from Megan, she was very well informed and put my mind at ease the moment she walked through my door.…Read More

I am very grateful that this company exists and have been recommending you to all my friends. I really feel ready if my girls should get this again. I have the tools and know what to do. A huge THANK YOU to Megan for helping me. I am truly grateful!

Jean in Cherry Hill, NJ

Nothing Short of Terrific

I want to let you know that our experience with Lice Happens and, in particular with Leigh, was nothing short of terrific. As soon as she walked in the door, it immediately felt as if we had an old family friend visiting and not having someone come to extract lice from my daughter’s head. …Read More

Leigh was VERY thorough and knowledgeable. I performed a follow up lice check the following night and not a nit to be found. I feel like I now know what I am doing (believe me, I had it all wrong when I discovered the lice) and will be able to follow through with the instructions that Leigh left behind.

Thank you for providing a great service.

The Epitome of a Lice Happens Lice Specialist

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate the service that I received from Megan. She is absolutely wonderful!! Such a sweet lady! I have been putting this off for longer than I should have, because I wasn’t sure what to expect. …Read More

She made me and my daughter feel 100% comfortable and at ease. She was even kind enough to allow me to come to her home for the treatment. I will be sure to recommend her to other parents. I have given her information to our school nurse and girl scout leaders. I’m so glad that we found her! She is an amazing person and I hope she receives the recognition that she deserves!
Thank You!

April Fleming

Sleepless in South Jersey

After finding out that my daughter’s best friend and her siblings were all infested with lice, I knew it was only a matter of time until my daughter was going to get it. Two weeks after exposure, I swore I saw eggs, but I went against my better judgment and brushed it off praying that she didn’t get it. Two weeks later, I saw something moving in her hair and I went into panic mode. I sent my husband off to CVS to buy anything that would kill these bugs and I did not sleep a wink that night reading up on lice and how to treat them. …Read More

The first words out of the my husband’s mouth were, “There has to be service that comes in to your home to clean heads and educate you.” And then less than 24 hours after that statement, we met Megan. She was like this sweet, calm, educated little angel who quietly slipped into our home and did several jobs in a matter of three hours and slipped out. She THOROUGHLY went through my daughters hair while educating me on the life cycle of lice, cleaning tips, and follow up procedure to make sure these little critters don’t come back. She checked my hair and kept me calm after finding a few little nits. She checked my son and husband and assured me they were clear of any lice. She was able to answer ANY question I had and she was able to clear up some misinformation that I had gathered from my tireless internet research the night before. Megan had a few products from the company that I CHOSE to purchase – there WAS NO pushy sales pitch at all which was comforting. The Nit Comb is the BEST thing to have – I even got a few extra to give to my sister and friend, just in case… It is a good tool to have!
Thank you again, Megan!
PS – I really appreciated the anonymous look of your car when you drove up – no stickers, signs, advertisements, or car magnets of any kind that said ‘LICE’ – THANK YOU!!!

One Relieved Mom

Lice Free, FINALLY

I am actually writing to thank you for your AMAZING service. I have been fighting lice on myself and my twin four year olds for months– we tried every over the counter product, home remedy, even doctor prescribed medications, NOTHING got rid of them. I spent hundreds of dollars on treatments and cleaning. …Read More

I wish I had called you guys from the beginning– Megan came to our house and she was WONDERFUL. She was so sweet with my daughters, and went right to work– clearly wasn’t trying to milk any more time out of us than necessary. It’s been about 2 weeks now and we are, dare I say, still completely lice free, FINALLY. I will recommend your service to anyone I hear of who has to deal with lice… I really cannot say enough good things about you– you are lifesavers.
Thank you, again.

Abby in N.J.

Lice Removal Success
“You guys were so wonderful when we arrived and made us feel so welcome. My kids loved you which says a lot to me and you were awesome with them.”